The Best Runs in the History of the Dallas Cowboys

Marshawn Lynch's amazing touchdown run last weekend got me to thinking about the best runs I've seen by a Dallas Cowboy.

I found three, by three very different running backs. (Though none of them tops Earl Campbell's doozy.)

1. Emmitt Smith's escape of the Falcons and race past Deion Sanders in 1992. (At about the 1:40 mark.)

2. Marion Barber's improbable 2-yard run. (Back before he over-celebrated.)

3. And, of course, how about Tony Dorsett's 99-yard run against the Vikings. (In reverse? Backward? Something. But still special.)

Your fave?

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What happened to all the funnyt names like sean salisbury, mark perez, and all the fake names to troll this place?

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Dave K


One of the best runs I've ever seen was Wade Phillips on a golf cart, going down Macarthur Blvd to get a dozen mixed Krispy Kreme's. He juked and wobbled, and bobbled, and finally shimmied his way through 4PM traffic for the ultimate destiny.

(spoken like John Fusenda) His prize was only met by a fierce defender in a green apron, a man with both savage wit and a terrible foil. A man dressed in bear suit with solid breath and ample change....from a cash register so fierce, that Phillips wept on the wheels of that spattered, mud ridden steed (golf cart).

Now lets see Emmitt or Earl do that. Yeah, makin' sausage is cool, but, who can PUNISH a hefty dozen like Wade did? Hmmm?


Considering how badly he sucks now, Barber's run was pretty awesome. But the greatest run in the history of the Cowboys wasn't even by a running back - it was Romo on that bad snap against the Rams a couple of years ago.


Two things. It's easy to forget how great Emmitt was until you watch those clips again. Also, today's players complaining about bad playing fields need to remember the Vet's concrete surface. Second, on Barber's run, I love how Flozell body slammed his man in the end zone, greatness.