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​Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:*Roger Staubach to Tony Hill to beat the Redskins in '79. Alvin Harper running free against the 49ers to clinch the NFC Championship Game in '92. Dirk Nowitzki's long 3-pointer to secure Game 2 of the '06 NBA Finals. Moody Madness in '84. The Miracle on Ice in '80. Super Bowls XII and XXX. Bjorn Borg over John McEnroe at Wimbledon '80. All sports highlights of my life. But tonight - or tomorrow night - when (not if) the Texas Rangers clinch a spot in the World Series might top them all. After all, I've been a fan for a while now.

*A win in tonight's Game 6 would bear bountiful fruit, not the least of which is it would allow the Rangers to pitch Cliff Lee in Game 1 of the World Series next Wednesday in either Philadelphia or San Francisco and also Game 4 and, if necessary, a Game 7. By the way, you can blame Yankees' Game 6 starting pitcher Phil Hughes for losing the All-Star Game and giving World Series home-field advantage to the National League. The Giants (92) and Phillies (97) both have more regular-season wins than Texas, so the Rangers would be on the road regardless of the current ridiculous system.

*Cowboys 31, Giants 17. I still believe the Cowboys will make the playoffs. Las Vegas, however, has lost faith. The Cowboys started the season at 9/1 odds to win Super Bowl XLV. They are currently 40/1. As opposed to losing pretty, Dallas this week camouflages its warts and finds a way to win pretty. Finally.

*DropWear.com will soon be selling Ron Washington T-shirts with one of his favorite sayings: "That's the way baseball go." He said it in an interview with me way back in the winter of 2007 and it struck me as funny. His subject-verb agreement is somehow endearing. Let's call it "E-Ron-ics."

*Been to New York probably 25 times and I'm always amazed by its energy and style. Pass 10 people on the street and you'll see 10 unique looks. Individual style is a way of life. Get back here and on the way home from the airport you'll see countless guys in similar hats driving identical pickups. I hate the Yankees, but I love New York. The Big Apple has more character on any street corner than Dallas has in its entire soul.



*Best all-time band with a number in its name? Nine Inch Nails.

*Toldja. When I wish failure on someone it works. Since I've transfered my evil powers of doom 'n gloom onto A-Rod, he's gone 3 for 17 in the ALCS with as many strikeouts as hits (3). Plus, a looney named Grim LeRogue jumped out of the stands during Game 4 in an attempt to attack Rodriguez as revenge for the way he mistreated Cameron Diaz.

*Toldja. I wrote that Todd Dodge would be successful as head coach at University of North Texas. And ... wait, what? When I'm wrong, boy am I wrong.

*The man who fell from the stands at Rangers Ballpark is still recovering.

*Tom Hicks isn't done yet. In the wake of dragging the Rangers through bankruptcy and having Liverpool sold out from under him, the Dallas Stars' sale is proceeding, well, not at all actually. The Stars aren't yet controlled by the NHL, but they are about to ask for $8 million in "revenue advances" to avoid heading toward bankruptcy. The Stars, still technically owned by Hicks, have yet to attract a potential owner making a reasonable offer. Yikes.

*Went to Studio Movie Grill on Royal recently and came out to the parking lot to find a ticket under my windshield wiper. Friggin' coppers! Wait, it's not a ticket, but merely a note from the DPD. Seems I'm at risk for a break-in because my GPS is in clear sight. Wow, never thought about that. Fantastic coppers!

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