The Top 10 Hottest Cheerleading Teams in the History of Hot Cheerleaders

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A judge in Connecticut recently ruled that - surprise - cheerleading isn't a sport. He said nothing, however, about cheerleader-watching.

Game. On.

Cheerleaders - Oregon.jpg
10. Oregon Ducks.


Cheerleaders - Texas.jpg
9. Texas Longhorns.


Cheerleaders - Eagles.jpg
8. Philadelphia Eagles.


Cheerleaders - Mavericks.jpg
7. Dallas Mavericks.


Cheerleaders - LSU.jpg
6. LSU Tigers.

Cheerleaders - USC1.jpg
5. USC Trojans.

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USC Song Girls are #1, they're the sluttiest, most promiscuous cock-teasing rich bitches in the nation but consistently have the biggest, best, most spectacular tits in college cheerleading and wear the sexiest, tightest sweaters.