Bandwagon Fans, Get on Board. Trendy Rangers T-Shirts on Their Way

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Texas Rangers Team Claw.jpg
This isn't a sports town, but more so a winners town. It's substance over style.

For all you I-love-the-Cowboys-but-wait-over-there-the-Rangers-are-winning-so-now-I-love-them- more fans, there's a chance for you to be trendy.

All season long the Rangers have celebrated big hits with a "claw" and acknowledged dapper base-running with "antlers." Act like you've known that all season by sporting the team's new Nike T-shirts that I guarantee are going to be a big hit.

Hey, the Angels went to the World Series behind a rally monkey for crying out loud.

The shirts, which aren't available online, can be pre-ordered for $26 at Rangers Ballpark or at 817-273-5015. You can also pre-order a foam claw for $9.

Consider it a Polo. Or a BMW. Or something else Dallas-sy.

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