Baseball Saying Yes to No

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Nolan Ryan No-Hitter.jpg
Ah, the good ol' days. Are they here again?
Tampa Bay Rays' pitcher Matt Garza tossed a no-hitter last night. It was the fifth this season in Major League Baseball, most since 1991.

Funny thing is, now the San Diego Padres and New York Mets are the only current teams without a no-no in their history. Interesting thing is, what gives?

Can it be as simple as ... steroids?

Apparently so.

Baseball is now a cleaner, leaner sport. Once upon a time Barry Bonds smacked 73 homers in a season. This season it's a race to 40.

Don't look now, but baseball again belongs to pitchers. Right, Cliff Lee?

With 63 games remaining the Rangers' Josh Hamilton is among the league leaders with 23 homers.

No doubt that no-hitters are exciting. But are they good for the sport?

Was baseball -- dirty or not -- more entertaining with steroids injected into the bats and games and records?

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