Zzzzzzzz ... Top 10 Most Boring Sports on the Planet?

Spent Father's Day between the grill and the couch. OK, mostly the couch.

Instead of another tacky tie for a gift, I let dear ol' dad man the remote control. Went something like this:

U.S. Open ... Rangers ... U.S. Open ... World Cup ... Rangers ... U.S. Open ... zzzzzzz.

Got me to thinking about the most boring sports on TV. Which, not surprisingly, led me to construct a Top 10 list.

10. Marathon - Watch someone else run for four hours? No thanks.

9. Baseball - No biggest time-waster in sports than the pitcher's calling-card throw to first.

8. Golf - Sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking a guy looking for a golf ball in high weeds is riveting.

7. Soccer - Shouldn't a pass backward to the goalie be a delay of game?

6. Auto racing - I don't get cheering for the cleanest-running carburetor.

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How very clever. I'd like to see you play in an Olympic match against any country's women's team of basketball. Have you looked at the stands lately for the 2012 Olympics, for example, in London? There were plenty of males in the audience, perhaps those with a better understanding of the sport than you. It's about winning, not displaying useless tricks to extract a hushed "ooh" or "aah" from a bored spectator.