David Milson: Bad News For a Great Coach


I had a couple people recently make fun of the fact that I wear a Livestrong bracelet.

"Those are out of style," the jab went.

To some it's a fad I guess. But to me it's a reminder of a couple people who are - fashion trends be damned - still battling cancer. Unfortunately, I've got another reason to keep going strong with Livestrong.

I've only hung around David Milson a couple times, but I was always impressed at how optimistic, how chipper and how lively he was.

Now it's time to return the favor. Because while battling lung cancer, the former Cedar Hill High School basketball coach needs a lift.

His spirits should be at least temporarily boosted Monday when family, friends and colleagues hold the David Milson Charity Golf Tournament at Tangle Ridge Golf Club in Grand Prairie. Trust me, you won't spend a better $75 all year.

After retiring in April after 23 successful years - 676 career victories and two Class 5A state runner-ups in 2004 and 2009 - at Cedar Hill, Milson discovered the cancer. Having been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 15, he's been down this road before. But now 52 and with lung cancer, despite being a life-long non-smoker, he needs the help of supporters and the renowned MD Anderson Clinic in Houston for this one last victory.

Milson's daughter, Rylea, plays basketball for Midlothian and his son, Tanner, will next season play at UNC-Wilmington.

Here's hoping the old coach is able to enjoy just being a spectator for a change.

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