Um, Do Your Texas Rangers Have Enough Offense to Be Taken Seriously?

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How's that new hitting coach working out?
​What the what?

I was listening to the Texas Rangers Friday night against the Toronto Blue Jays and I left them in what I thought was good shape.

Up 9-3 in the third inning. Rich Harden on the mound. Bats seemingly alive.


Then, yesterday afternoon, I got back around to sports and lo and behold the Rangers got swept in Canada. Swept?!

In the final 24 innings they were outscored 24-3. In in the last two games they struck out 23 times. They hit into four double plays and continued an ugly trend of leaving runners stranded.

I know the pitching is better and the defense is improving. But ...

as currently constituted do the Rangers have enough offense to win the American League west?


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