The Top 10 People I Wish Failure Upon

​I've been known to be a glass-half-empty sorta guy. (Psst: I'm geniunely positive, I just like to play an a-hole in here and on 105.3 The Fan.)

Last summer I wished failure upon the noggin' of one Terrell Owens. Whatdya know, he sucked in Buffalo and these days is without a job. Recently I transferred my curse over to a guy named Tiger Woods.

Ya know Tiger. Missed a cut. Lost a coach. Hurt his neck. Yeah, that guy.

In other words, my wishes are coming true. (Still waiting on the one to arrive involving the lottery, Captain Morgan and Pamela Anderson.) I could quit while I'm ahead but, of course, I'm a Vegas gambler at heart. So let's ride this thing while it's hot.

I also wish failure upon ...

10. Brett Favre

9. Ross Perot Jr.

8. Laura Miller

7. Brandon Jacobs

6. Dave Bliss

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