The Dallas Mavericks and Girls Gone Wild Make a Creepy Couple?

Surprised by the reaction to Tuesday's item about Girls Gone Wild: Search for the Hottest Girl in America.

There was a computer hiccup in the afternoon, so comments were disabled for a while. But via text, in my email inbox and through calls to 105.3 The Fan most folks are somehow disgusted that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would allow such "filth" on his HDNet network. Some even suggested the NBA would surely frown on such an association between Cuban and GGW founder Joe Francis.

Fair enough. Let's ask Cuban shall we?

   "The NBA has no say or influence on my other businesses. They are smart enough to recognize that. Ask them if Comcast, which owns the Philadelphia 76ers, should be worried about everything on cable? Or should the NBA monitor what I show in Landmark Theaters? Or what MSG shows on the IFC network, etc. Leagues can monitor what you say in and about the club, but not what you do legally outside of it."

I asked Cuban if his GGW content was any different than what the Maloof brothers (owners of the Sacramento Kings) are throwing down at their Palms Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas?

   "Your example is right on."

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