Your Texas Rangers: The Rumors and the Waaayaaaiting is the Hardest Part

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Four-game losing streak. Bats are dead. Fielding is iffy. Texas Rangers are 5-7 and in Boston for a series starting tonight.

Brace yourselves, it could get worse.

Today is April 20, better known as "the week of April 19th", better known as the week the sale of the Texas Rangers from Tom Hicks to Chuck Greenberg was supposed to be finalized.

A deal ain't done until it's done and ...

It's not strong enough to scream under a "breaking news" banner. I'm just hearing, let's say, a couple rumblings that Hicks' creditors still aren't satisfied with the deal and that an increasingly impatient Major League Baseball could temporarily take ownership of the team in the very near future. Could, I said.

Everyone involved is still convinced the sale will happen. Just later than sooner.

Love me some Greenberg. Pulling for the Rangers.

Let's hope this thing slides home safely.

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