Mavs Whip Hapless Knicks by Half-a-Hundred, But is it the Biggest Ass-Whipping in Metroplex Sports History?

Mavs-Knicks 50.jpg
No Jason Kidd. No Erick Dampier. No momentum.

No prisoners.

Was dilly-daddling around the house yesterday with a rare Sunday off (thanks, Cowboys). Had the Mavs-Knicks on the TV and it was something like 35-30 early in the second quarter. Next thing I know Roddy Beaubois is raining 3-pointers and J.J. Barea is making floating bankers and Drew Gooden is playing like Dwight Howard and the Mavs steadily increase their lead to 10, 20, 30, 40 ...


That's right, 128-78. The biggest margin of victory in franchise history.

A 50-point win in the NBA is humongous, but is it the biggest beat-down by a home team in Metroplex history?

What's the most lopsided win?

A) Mavs 128, Knicks 78.

B) Cowboys 56, Eagles 7.

C) Stars 10, New York Rangers 2.

D) Rangers 30, Orioles 3.

I say it's the Rangers. In a sport dominated by one-run margins, a 27-run victory is mind-boggling.

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