This Just In, Your Dallas Cowboys Won't Have 13 Pro Bowlers This Season

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DeMarcus Ware.jpg
​Not, that is, if online fan voting is any indicator of things to come.

In's online voting that ends Dec. 21, only one Dallas Cowboy leads his position - linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

Jay Ratliff, Tony Romo, Miles Austin and Jason Witten? Not among the top two of their respective spots. Only player in the top 2: Sam Hurd as a special teamer.

Ware deserves his accolades. Other than that ...

Romo will likely be the third quarterback behind Drew Brees and Brett Favre, but overall this early snubbing is a good thing.

Let's keep this between us. The Cowboys are 8-3 and the locker room - far as we can tell - is harmonious, lacking in divisive egos.


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