Where's Greggo? In Wichita Falls. Sorta.


​I found Greg Williams. On the radio. Again. Sounding coherent, opionated and

refreshingly edgy.

Sounding like, well, the Greggo you know and love.

"I've had to hook my delay back up," says Williams' new radio partner John Clay Wolfe. "This guy makes me want to cuss."

Wolfe, who happens to host a snappy, savvy car show Saturday mornings on 105.3 The Fan, owns KSEY ESPN 1230, a 1,000-watt station based in Seymour but catering to Wichita Falls. For the last couple months he's pondered and probed Williams about a radio comeback, the end result of which can be heard weekedays 4-6 right here.

Wolfe initially wanted Williams to move to Wichita Falls and run his station, but decided to move a studio to Fort Worth and put Greggo back on the air.

The plan is to polish The Show with John Clay and Greggo and then take it syndicated into Texas towns from Laredo to Lubbock, even to Albuquerque, New Mexico. For now The Show is heard in Wichita Falls and Amarillo.

"Every phone call I've made program directors have been very receptive," Wolfe says. "The guy is more famous than I realized."

He's also, according to Wolfe, sober. (Williams, for the record, is apparently shying away from media on this, as my calls have gone unreturned. Understandable.)

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