Turn Back the Clock, Cowboys Fans. So ... Wouldja?

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Wade Phillips - Oh Boy.jpg
I like to prod ol' Uncle Wade but, let's face, his fixed defense is the reason there's hope in Cowboyville.
​Jason Garrett is clueless. Roy Williams is a bust. Martellus Bennett is a non-factor. Felix Jones has lost a step. Nick Folk has the yips. Marc Colombo is hurt. Ken Hamlin can't tackle. Anthony Spencer doesn't have a sack. Dave Campo and Terence Newman had to be seperated on the sidelines. And Bobby Carpenter gets meaningful playing time.

I know, sounds awful.

But if when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving, they'll be 8-3 headed into December.

If back in August at training camp in San Antonio I would've offered you 8-3 (plus a bonus that this pain-in-the-ass would vanish), would you have taken it?

1. Hell yes.

2. Nope.

Me too. And I know for sure a certain someone with the highest of hopes would've signed up for the deal. 

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