The 10 Musical Acts I'd See If I Was on Death Row

Basia - Because it is, after all, MY list.
​Last Thursday I saw a band called MuteMath at The Palladium. Very decent, but in the big picture not quite funky enough or not nearly hard enough for my musical lusting.

While there I was thinking - ya know, like you do - whether I'd like to see them if I was on Death Row. Kinda like a last meal, only a last concert.

Inmate No. 12345678910, this is the last music you will ever hear. You get 10 acts. Place your order ...

10. Linkin Park

9. Basia

8. Fatboy Slim

7. Cake

6. Led Zeppelin

5. Korn

4. The Smiths

3. Pearl Jam

2. Prince

1. Nine Inch Nails

It goes without saying, but your list looks exactly the same. Right?

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