BREAKING NEWS: Cowboys Can Rowdy! Take Heart Fans, There is Good News Today.

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It was the worst of mascots. It was the best of mascots.
​Some news that will surely soften Broncos 17, Cowboys 10.

Would you believe: R.I.P., Rowdy.

Well, the obnoxious, foam, giant-noggin'ed Cowboys' mascot isn't exactly dead. But I heard over the weekend that at least we won't be subjected to his stupid shenanigans any longer at Cowboys Stadium.

I guess we were too distracted by Peasant Passes or JumboJerry or sex in restrooms or go-go dancers on platforms n' poles to notice, but when I started thinking about it, I don't remember seeing Rowdy at the first two games.


Turns out Rowdy - a.k.a. Ted Ovletrea - will still make appearances for the team - pep rallies and hospital visits, etc. - but the mascot will no longer be part of the game-day presentation at home games in Arlington.

My reaction: Hallelujah!

Jody Dean's morning show over at KLUV 98.7 FM has the confirmation.

In short, "Rowdy" was laid off in August, told by the team he couldn't be trusted on the sideline of the new joint. 12 years of waving off perfectly good field goals and revving a 4-wheeler at training camp was more than enough. For crying out loud, the guy thing had a web site devoted to his demise.

But - prepare to cringe - we probably haven't heard the last of Rowdy.

"Next year," he told Dean, "the book will be out."

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BRING ROWDY BACK, He makes the Game! I LOVE HIM!!!