Bang For Your Buck? The Worst Contracts in the History of Dallas/Fort Worth That I Can Think Off the Top of My Head.

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Jerry Jones signing DeMarcus Ware to a 6-year, $78 million contract is probably going to pay off in the long room. Ware is a good person, a great player and - barring something terribly unforeseen - a decent bargain.

One thing Jerry's proven over his tenure is that he isn't afraid to overpay - for anything from players to stadiums.

But it got me to thinking: Other than the two knuckleheads that inexplicably handed me paying gigs, what are the worst deals ever done in this area?

Dallas Cowboys - Roy Williams
5 years, $45 million

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How many touchdowns?
In a full calendar year the receiver has questioned his role, dropped passes and produced two - count 'em two - touchdowns.

Texas Rangers - Chan Ho Park
5 years, $65 million.

Thanks for the memories, Chan Ho Park.
A record in Arlington of 22-23, an ERA of 6.36 and exactly 0 warm-n-fuzzy moments.

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