Ladies in the Locker Room. With Coach Joe?

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So Coach Joe lures all these women into the locker room and then ...

Actually, no, it's not a scene-setter for the most bizarre porn on the planet, it's Football 101 for Ladies. And it's not a bad idea. Not bad at all.

The premise is that Joe Avezzano and his three Super Bowl rings know what they are talking about it. The extension is that women want to know football, but are generally too intimidated to ask their men.

Enter "Ladies Locker Room", a weekly seminar on the basics on the game.

I attended one of these last year and learned that there are tons of women out there who actually have an appreciation of the sport far deeper than The View's Joy Behar, who once said on a Super Bowl pre-pre-pre-game show:

"I'm rooting for the Patriots, because in those tight pants Tom Brady's butt looks soooooo cute."

Tonight's session will be at the Studio Movie Grill in Plano (Park and Preston). Cost is $10.

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