The Top 10 Couples I'd Like to See on DWTS

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Granted, it would force me to actually watch the ridiculousy cheesy show, but I'd be willing to stomach Dancing With The Stars' sequins and sass and smarminess of Tom Bergeron if only I could orchestrate whom was boogieing down with whom.

Following in the "Foxtrot" footsteps of Emmitt Smith, Cowboys' Hall of Famer Michael Irvin will be on this season's show. I hear that Troy Aikman declined an invitation last year and Tuesday morning on 105.3 The Fan owner Jerry Jones said during his new weekly show that - despite his nifty moves in those Papa Johns's commercials - he doesn't consider himself a candidate.

"I had the step at one time," Jones said, "but these days it's a little off."

For me to get into DWTS, I want star power. I want sports. I want drama. I want conflict. I want skin. I want couples. I want ...

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10. Terrell Owens 'n Dalai Lama: Hubris, meet humility.



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9. Chuck Liddell 'n Tito Ortiz: Nothing like two angst-riddled arm-bars moving in sync.


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8. Shawn Bradley 'n Nastia Liukin: By my estimation, they'd see eye-to-pelvis.




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7. Muhammad Ali 'n Joe Frazier: Even now, I'd pay to watch them "Tango." 


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6. David Duke 'n Jesse Jackson: Cue Michael Jackson's "Black or White." Let's "Waltz."



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