Because I'm Better Than Bitter, 20 Things I Love

Baby Head.jpg
I love sports and stuff and, oh yeah, freaky things like, say, baby heads in glass vases.
​No, no, no. You got me all wrong.

Am I skeptical? Cynical? Inquisitive? Smart-assy? Guilty.

But bitter? Hardly.

I consider myself more tell-it-like-it-is realistic rather than jump-off-the-high-five negative. I don't think the Rangers will make the playoffs. I think Josh Hamilton should've come clean before he was caught. And I absolutely despise squirrels. But, honestly, I'm generally a silly, dorky, positive guy that takes his job - but not himself - seriously.

Just to make sure I'm not sending the wrong message, a little balance this morning. If you will.

How about 20 random things I really, truly love? ...

20. Quagmire.

19. Mi familia.

18. Tan lines.

17. Dave Chappelle.

16. Rafael Nadal.

15. Lightning bugs at dusk.

14. Captain Morgan.

13. Brent Musburger.

12. The creator of our universe, whomever He/She/It may be.

11. Nine Inch Nails.

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