R.I.P, Dallas Sports History

Reunion Arena- Torn.jpg
Better days, my friend. Better days.
To quote the great Eddie Izzard, "The problem with America? You fuckers keep tearing down your history, man!"

Stubborn answer: Progress.

Grim reality: Sadness.

I remember a kinder, gentler era in Dallas when as a little punk I'd peer out the family Fury along I-35 and gaze in wonder at The Sportatorium, P.C. Cobb Stadium and a futuristic construction site dedicated to a dazzling new structure to be called Reunion Arena.

And now: This.

American Airlines Center is loud and glitzy and I'm sure the Infomart serves some purpose or other.

(Cue the twinkling piano).

But now when I drive down 35 and see our past sports joints as holes in the ground, I'll have a little hole in my heart.


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