The Top 10 Best Things About Summer

Summer - Sun.gif
In case today's triple-digit heat hadn't reminded you yet, summer officially began this week. Y-a-w-n.

No football. No basketball. No hockey. No frost bite.

No worries.

With plenty of time to kill, thought I spend today pondering my favorite heat-beatin' time-killers. Otherwise known as The Top 10 Best Things About Summer:

Summer - Shade.jpg
10. Shade.


Summer - Beer.jpg
9. Cold beer.

Summer - Shorts1.jpg
8. Girls in shorts.


Summer - Bikinis.jpg
7. Girls in bikinis.


Summer - Golf.jpg
6. Golf.


Summer - Fireworks.jpg
5. Fireworks.


Summer - Rangers Ballpark.jpg
4. Rangers baseball.


Summer - Lakes.jpg
3. The lake.


Summer - Wimbledon.jpg
2. Wimbledon.


Summer - Tan Lines.jpg
1. Tan lines.

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