The Ticket's Great (Goofy) Game

Patrick Michels
We've got more photos from the game in this slideshow.
I've heard of the 20-20 feat in baseball. But never the 20-20 final score.

I was at a premiere party/fundraiser last night and unable to attend The Ticket's second annual "Great Game" at Frisco's Dr Pepper Ballpark, but from what I'm gathering it was - as expected - a unique, memorable and successful event.

For starters, would you believe a 10-inning game that finished Team Musers 20, Team Hard Line 20?

Ties are meant for Troy Dungan, calf ropin' and Megan Fox's brother. But baseball?

"It was a sham of a game," co-host George Dunham joked this morning, "and it deserved a sham of an ending."

I'll need your help in piecing together the details, but far as I can tell:

*The game lasted 3 1/2 hours. At one point I think I heard play-by-play voice Norm Hitzges remark that the errors were even at 8 apiece. Wow.

*Team Musers actually led, 16-1, only to have its manager - Mike Bacsik - throw two scoreless against it to kick-start Team Hard Line's historic rally.

*The Hard Line tied it with a 7-run bottom of the 9th, highlighted by Rusty Greer's two-out triple off Bacsik.

*MVPs were Michael Gruber and Mike Sirois.

*At least they didn't get whipped by a bunch of girls.

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