Tea for Two (Hundred) at the Intersection of Misguided and What-the-Fuck

Tea Party.jpg
I got $50 in bailout cash that says they're clueless about Socialism. Or for that matter, Democracy.
Driving down Eldorado Parkway in McKinney last night I happened upon a slew of sign-holding, flag-waving folks staging themselves a protest thinly disguised as a "tea party." Embarrassingly lame.

"Bailouts Steal Our Children!" read one sign. "You Can't Multiply Wealth By Dividing It!" screamed another. And my personal fave: "Obama is the Real Pirate!"

Really? Sorry, but I don't get it.

*When Bill Clinton left office in 2001 America enjoyed a budget surplus of +$127 billion.

*When George W. Bush left office in 2009 America's budget deficit was -$455 billion.

I'm no Stephen Hawking, but that's bad, right?

Where were these God-'n-Country maniacs when Dubya was not finding weapons of mass destruction, not smoking Osama bin Laden out of his cave and instead ruining a company from a $127 billion winner into $455 billion loser?

Instead, this is how it goes down: The guy responsible for the shit gets a standing ovation in these parts, while the guy responsible for cleaning up the shit gets a protest.

Nope, no tea for me. I'm good.

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