What's In My Closet? Jackass Edition

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I did go 10 days without food and I'm committed to finishing this on December 13. But there was a time when I was a real, live thrill-seeker.

Found some evidence recently.

I wasn't insane in a Johnny Knoxville way or a one-on-one interview with Charles Haley sorta way, but as in "Hey, that looks fun. Think I'll try it."

Ah, youth (i.e. ignorance/naivete/immaturity). Ain't Wasn't it grand?

Jump to see me, well, jump ...


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3. Really now, is there a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon than working the Trapeze bars in Mexico in '02?


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2. When Jimmy Johnson took his Cowboys to Barton Springs in Austin one day at training camp in '93, I decided to bungee jump over the rapids in New Braunfels.


Closet - RW Skydive.jpg
1. And to think, skydiving wasn't a lost bet payoff, but rather a Father's Day '03 present. And, for the record, it's only about half as terrifying as bungee jumping. (Editor's note: That photo looks way gayer than I remember.)

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