Okay, What the Hell Was That?! Mavericks Edition

Mavs Wussy Logo.jpg
Yesterday it was an unexplained noise in my house. Last night it was an inexplicable performance by the Dallas Mavericks in Oklahoma City.

Seriously? A 14-win Thunder team missing its top two scorers blows Dallas out in a March game with long-ranging playoff ramifications? And this, of course, on the heels of the Mavs needing overtime to survive OKC last Friday at the American Airlines Center.

Not good. Not good at all. In fact, ridiculously horrible.

Something tells me we'll look back at this inexcusable loss like we did the Cowboys' pratfall in St. Louis: As the reason Dallas missed the playoffs.

But at least it was the Cowboys missing their best player, not the opponent.

Worst loss of the Mavs' season. Right?

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