What's In My Closet? Magical Moments Edition

Actually, yes, I do know how lucky I am to be a sportswriter.

Every once in a while, I just need to be reminded. Digging through my old box of media credentials usually does the trick.

Jump for four of my all-time faves:

(Of course, I don't have a pass from the May 1, 2008 launch of The Sportatorium or, ya know, it'd be numero uno. Riiiiight.)


Closet - World Cup.jpg

4. World Cup '94 at the Cotton Bowl. Brazil 3, Netherlands 2, if I remember correctly.

Closet - Masters.jpg

3. Practice Round, 2003 Masters. Rained like a mutha preceding Mike Weir's win on the weekend, if I remember correctly.


Closet - Gretzky.jpg

2. Wayne Gretzky's Last Game, Madison Square Garden 1999. Goose bumps, if I remember correctly.


Closet - Jordan.jpg
1. Michael Jordan's last game as a Chicago Bull, 1998. Tears, if I remember correctly.

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