What's In My Closet? Cowboys' Good-Ol'-Day Syndrome Edition

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Closet - Messy.jpg

On this bittersweet crappy day of mourning - the 20th anniversary of Tom Landry's firing - thought I'd rummage through my junk and find some old Cowboys' stuff. Stuff from a happier time.

Stuff weaved around Super Bowl trophies. Stuff involving Hall of Fame heroes. Stuff from an era when players and coaches had a lot on their minds and weren't muzzled from saying it. Stuff from way back when the Cowboys were not only America's Team, but a team from Dallas we could all be proud of.

Stuff not including you-know-who. (Well, some of his handiwork but not his likeness.)

Actually, let's just go back to 1992-93, shall we?

Closet - CowboysAthlonProgram.jpg
3. Athlon Magazine 1993 NFL Preview.


Closet - CowboysNFCProgram.jpg
2. Official program from 1992 NFC Championship Game.


Closet - CowboysDMN.jpg
1. Dallas Morning News special section from February 1, 1993.

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