UPDATED: The Top 10 Hottest TV Women in Dallas

Iola Johnson - The Original.gifIt wasn't that I got 20 minutes of solid face time on KFWD Channel 52 Friday night.

It wasn't that I got to tour Channel 8's spiffy HD studios in Victory Park and take a spin in Dale Hansen's chair. (Psst, it really is unplugged!)

And it wasn't that I out-yelled The Ticket's Mark Elfenbein despite generally looking a fidgety, finicky mess.

The point is, I bumped into Shelly Slater and - whoa - time to update the ol' rankings.

In other words, watch out Megan Henderson:

Gina Miller.jpg10. Gina Miller, Channel 11 sports anchor



Darla Miles.jpg

9. Darla Miles, Channel 8 reporter


Meredith Land.jpg8. Meredith Land, Channel 5 reporter


Nerissa Knight.jpg7. Nerissa Knight, Channel 11 reporter


Alexa Conomos.jpg6. Alexa Conomos, Channel 8 traffic


Emily Jones.jpg5. Emily Jones, Fox Sports Net Southwest reporter


Fiona Goristiva.jpg4. Fiona Gorostiza, Fox4 weather


Karen Borta.jpg3. Karen Borta, Channel 11 anchor


Shelly Slater.jpg2. Shelly Slater, Channel 8 weekend anchor


Megan Henderson.jpg

1. Megan Henderson, Fox 4 morning anchor

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