The Jessica Jinx? Okay, What Then?

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Romo-Jessica Kiss.jpgHow do you explain Tony Romo's worst game as a Dallas Cowboy?

A) Cold, windy, atrocious throwing weather.

B) Absence of his pinkie splint.

C) Steelers' No. 1-ranked defense.

D) The Jessica Jinx.

In yesterday's excruciating 20-13 loss in Pittsburgh, Romo was down right putrid. He looked like a kid running around just to keep warm, not necessarily to make positive plays. He was like a baseball pitcher with a flaw in his mechanics. High and wide all day.

Worse, his ball security was amateurish.

In a conservative game where field goals became touchdowns and turnovers became killers, he had four ridiculous gaffes, not including an ugly "tuck rule" non-fumble where he literally passed the ball into his left hand.

Yet there he was. His old, smiling self.


Some folks think Jessica Simpson is moving/has already moved in with Romo at his house in Cottonwood Valley in Las Colinas. Other folks just think Jessica talks about him too much at her concerts.

What do you think? - Richie Whitt

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