2008 in Memoriam: Your Top 10 Most Popular Sports Items of the Year

AnnaKournikova.jpgIn keeping with our "Best of ... " programming this week, I'll provide the most memorable Metroplex sports moments of 2008 on Wednesday. Until then, a look back at what you guys clicked on/commented on the most in the past year.

The Sportatorium's version of The People's Choice Awards, if you will.

10. People No Longer Like The Ticket.

9. Sean Avery Got Suspended for What?!

8. Where's Greggo? On ESPN Radio.

7. Don't Mess With Texas.

6. Live 105.3 Fires Russ Martin, Switches to Sports.

5. The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Losses in Dallas Cowboys' History.

4. The Top 10 Most Athletic Presidents in U.S. History.

3. The Hard Lie: It's a Rap.

2. Russ Martin Arrested for Aggravated Assault.

1. The Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes in the History of Ever. - Richie Whitt

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