Arlington Lands 2014 Final Four. Current Score: Arlington 35, Dallas 3

This just in: Dallas has officially moved to Arlington.

Well, after Arlington's new Jonestown Coliseum snared another 100,000-kilowatt event this morning, that feels like the score. Right?

On the heels of Dallas being shunned by the women's Final Four last week, the Cowboys' new stadium today landed the 2014 men's Final Four.

Dallas last hosted a Final Four in 1986, same year it hosted its only NBA All-Star Game. Of course, coupled with this recent announcement, both events -- like everything else it seems -- have moved 20 miles west.

Dallas still has Texas-OU. Arlington: The Cotton Bowl. The Big 12 Conference Championship Game. The Cowboys. The Super Bowl. The NBA All-Star Game. The Final Four.

Somebody better bolt down the Sixth Floor Museum.

UPDATE: The men's soccer Final Four is coming to Dallas! What? Pizza Hut Park? In Frisco?

As you were. – Richie Whitt

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