Terrell Owens Loves Him Some Him

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Every once in a while we're reminded how slimy it is to be forced to root for this guy. This week, for example.

Couple observations after a wacky Wednesday at Valley Ranch:

*T.O. is a self-absorbed, petulant punk.

*Dallas’ Only Daily’s “scoop” about him, however, appears flat out wrong.

*Keyshawn Johnson only wishes he was ever half as talented and controversial as T.O.

Turns out that Owens, contrary to the story, didn’t seek out Tony Romo for a serious discussion after last Sunday’s loss to the Redskins. Still, T.O. does have the audacity to maintain that he wasn't utilized enough – despite 18 balls thrown toward him and two handed to him.

He’s also, turns out, apparently going to Emmitt Smith’s School of Miscommunication. Because in explaining his stance Wednesday Owens said that ESPN “had a stake to a claim” (what?), that Romo goes through his “regressions” (huh?) and, my personal fave, that “I could care less” (if he could care less, doesn’t that infer some level of caring?).

Bottom line: Owens, like it or not, is a leader of this team. With his ego so ginormous and yet oh-so-fragile, that setup allows for turbulent times. No one in Dallas' locker room has the stones to tell him to shut the hell up, and that’s a shame. It doesn’t, however, mean the Cowboys won’t whip the Bengals this week and continue to be the NFL’s most talented team.

It’s all just a sad reaffirmation of this thesis:

Truth be told, Terrell Owens would rather catch 11 passes in a loss than 1 pass in a win. Right? -- Richie Whitt

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