Does This Bother Stars’ Fans as Much as I Think it Should?

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Is that lipstick? Nope, just Derian Hatcher's sweater.

In case you somehow missed it, John McCain’s running mate/Saturday Night Live punch line swooped into town last week. But instead of putting lipstick on a pig, Dallas Stars’ owner Tom Hicks gave the world’s most annoying hockey mom a hockey sweater.

But not just any ol’ sweater. No. 2. Ostensibly because she hopes to be No. 2 in charge. But, c’mon, is nothing sacred?

If I’m a Stars’ fan – and I am, sorta – I’m a little bit offended.

Because in my heart and in my Stanley Cup memories, No. 2 will always belong to one Derian Hatcher. In fact, some of us think Hatcher is the most identifiable No. 2 in the history of Dallas sports.


Imagine Sarah Palin swinging through Deep Ellum next week and Jerry Jones popping up to present her with a No. 12 jersey? Or Mark Cuban handing her a No. 22?

Actually, the latter makes some sense. After all, she is a “Maverick!”? -- Richie Whitt

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