This Just In: Dallas’ Need for Cialis to Plunge Next Month

Categories: Tennis
In a parallel universe, this photo is of me with some groupie chick.

Big news from my wife over Labor Day: This guy has supplanted this guy atop her “list.”

Alas, my rankings are unchanged. Anna Kournikova, feeble tennis resume be damned, remains the undisputed defending champion.

Which is great news, considering that Kournikova is coming to Dallas – SMU to be exact – next month.

She’ll play a couple of exhibition doubles match at SMU’s Turpin Stadium on Oct. 25 as part of the seniors’ tour Stanford Championships.

I actually hit with (and on) Kournikova, 27, a couple years back. At the time my entire bucket list was rendered null and void.

But after checking out her current Maxim spread and conducting some further research, I have a fresh batch of goals. -- Richie Whitt

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