The ’Boys Will Be Boys Are Back

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Jeff Pearlman's book about the '90s Cowboys may be better, but mine is, um, older?

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a little tussle between a couple decent football teams at Texas Stadium in, oh, about nine hours. If you’re more intellectual ponderer than face-painter, I’ve got a heavy-reading game plan.

Author Jeff Pearlman – the guy who wrote the infamous John Rocker “7 train” article for Sports Illustrated years ago – has a new book out examining the “glory days and party nights” of the ‘90s dynasty Dallas Cowboys. I haven’t read Boys Will Be Boys because, honestly, I lived it.

As the Cowboys beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from ’90 to ’94, I figure a book like this will provide me more introspection than insight.

Like, for example, page 170:

“Save for a highly publicized dinner date with actress Janine Turner of the TV show Northern Exposure, Aikman kept Super Bowl week simple. A few days before the game, he was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway with Mike Fisher and Richie Whitt … ”

If you’re a Cowboys’ fan who cherishes that dynasty, Pearlman’s tome will be compelling. But – psst – you can read my version of the same story – The ‘Boys Are Back – for a cool $6.37. -- Richie Whitt

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