Not Just Another Thursday

My wife and I took a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty on Sept. 2, 2001. Couple days later the skyline -- and the world -- was changed forever.

So, where were you seven years ago today?

I was sleeping in, awakened by a frantic call from the wife to “Turn on the TV!!” The 9/11 attacks were chilling enough. Even more so for a sportswriter who had just spent 10 days in New York City covering the U.S. Open and who just 12 hours earlier had caught the last American Airlines flight out of LaGuardia to D/FW.

For only a brief moment United We Stood. We’ve long since returned to our regular routines of cutting each other off in traffic and bitchin’ about this or that.

But I can’t imagine 9/11 ever feeling like a normal day. -- Richie Whitt

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