Do Not Read This If Your Name is Adam “Pacman” Jones

So many directions I could've gone with this photo. But, lookie here, I took the high road. For once.

I know Cowboys’ born-again cornerback/returner Pacman Jones has – at least temporarily – sworn off topless clubs. But the news from Las Vegas may make him re-think his vow of relative celibacy.

The Lodge, located just a couple punts from Texas Stadium, has been named the best gentlemen’s club in America. The joint won the prestigious “Best Overall Club” award for 2008 at last week’s Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Vegas.

The Lodge was was praised for “setting the standard in beauty, class and elegance” in a setting that “looks like it was airlifted from one of the great national parks of the American West.”

Hmm. Sounds like a field trip is in order.

In the name of research, of course. -- Richie Whitt

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