The Greg Williams Aftermath: Live Radio Discussion

It's official, I'm out of Greg Williams photos. Tune in tomorrow and rip me when I talk to the guy second from the right.

We knew The Ticket wouldn’t invite me on, but seems my Greg Williams story is compelling enough for a competing station to discuss it.

To that end, I’ll be on Big Dick’s Wild Ass Circus -- temporarily (permanently?) filling in for the vacationing (fired?) Pugs & Kelly – at noon Tuesday on Live 105.3 FM. Big Dick (aka Richard Hunter) is a former Ticket host, friend of Hammer’s, even had Greggo as a groomsman in his wedding if I remember correctly, and will likely have some fresh insight.

I know the story created a bit of a buzz – and got some very flattering props from Ed Bark -- but talking about one station on another is akin to the Dallas Morning News writing a story about a Dallas Observer story.

Which, come to think of it, seems a pretty good idea right about now.

UPDATE: You too, Deadspin?

UPDATE #2: If P&K are gone, wonder how long it'll take 105.3 to call Hammer? -- Richie Whitt

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