The Search For A Mavs' Coach Begins ... And Narrows?

Per the GM, the guy in the middle isn't a candidate to coach the Mavs. Methinks the other two have signficantly brighter futures.

Just caught the tail end of Mavericks’ General Manager Donnie Nelson on The Ticket. As far as the next head coach, we now know:

*It won’t be someone from within the organization. (Scratching off Del Harris, Paul Westphal, Donnie Nelson.)

*It won’t be a college coach without pro experience. (Scratching off Tom Izzo, Mike Krzyzewski.)

Says Donnie, “It needs to be someone that understands Dirk and his versatility, able to use him in different positions. Someone that understands Jason Kidd’s strengths and give him freedom to use his creativity. We’re looking for a balance, not all the sudden someone racking up 140 points. He’ll be more up-tempo, but able to play lock-down defense.” (Scratching off Mike D’Antoni, Jeff Van Gundy and, screw it, everyone else not named John Friggin’ Wooden.)

Anyone else feeling Pat Riley?

(Scratching head.) -- Richie Whitt

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