The Latest Former Dallas Cowboy to Dilly-Daddle with Drugs

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Dookie Stick, we hardly knew ya.

Former Cowboys starting tailback Troy Hambrick was sentenced today to five years in prison after pleading guilty to selling crack cocaine in Florida. Hambrick, if you remember, started all 16 games as Emmitt Smith’s successor in 2003, rushing for 972 yards and five touchdowns before Dallas drafted Julius Jones and sent T-Ham packing.

Hambrick’s legacy will not be rushing for a career-high 189 yards against the Washington Redskins on Dec. 15, 2003, but rather labeling his niftiest move the day the “Dookie Stick.”

No truth to the rumor that, when told of his brother’s fate, former Cowboys linebacker Darren Hambrick offered quizzically, “What do penitentiary mean?” -- Richie Whitt

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