Beware The Ghost Of Avery

Mark it down. Avery Johnson will get another NBA head-coaching gig (he says he’s already been contacted by a team, by the way) and bring his new team into the American Airlines Center and kick his old team’s ass.

Nothing new, really. It’s the curse of the ex-Maverick. I mean, I think we can stop worrying about revenge being exacted by Chris Anstey or Donald Hodge, but consider the lineage of Mavs who enjoyed their best years and/or moments after leaving town.

There's almost too many rank. I said almost.

In lieu of a short, snazzy nickname, I present:
The Top 10 Mavs Who Made Their Best Basketball Memories After Leaving Dallas

10. Tim Legler – From Mavs’ bench-warmer to star ESPN studio analyst
9. Derek Harper – Went to 1994 NBA Finals with New York Knicks
8. Dale Ellis – Blossomed into 28-point scorer in Seattle after being labeled Mavs’ “bust”
7. Don Nelson – Screw the Hall of Fame, eliminating Cuban and Mavs last year tops his achievements
6. Sam Perkins – Two Finals appearances with Lakers and Sonics after leaving Dallas
5. Jason Kidd – Two Finals appearances sandwiched between failed stops here
4. Michael Finley – Earned his first and only ring with the San Antonio Spurs
3. Kiki Vandeweghe – 16,000 career points after dissin’ Dallas on draft day 1980
2. Mark Aguirre – Won consecutive NBA titles with the Detroit Pistons
1. Steve Nash – 2-time MVP with the Phoenix Suns after leaving town for zero compensation -- Richie Whitt

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