At Least I Got Two Predictions Right

Who knew this trade would be disastrous? Um, yours truly.

I thought the Internet was a fad. I was convinced Tom Landry would never ever never get fired (or die). And I just knew Anna Kournikova was built to win at least one Grand Slam.

But last winter, even this blind squirrel found two nuts. I was poking around my old emails just now looking for something really funny – found it, stay tuned cuz it's next up -- when I came across two missives that will temporarily mask my prognosticating ignorance.

(Quick aside: My favorite person in the history of this planet is my deceased grandmother, Hazel. She’d throw me Wiffle Ball batting practice all afternoon, make a big batch of homemade peaches ‘n vanilla ice cream at sundown and never hurt a flea. So just know that any time I’m really really telling the truth when you think I'm not, I always “swear on Hazel.”)

Swear on Hazel, I sent this email to a buddy on Feb. 5 when I first heard the rumor about the Phoenix Suns trading for Shaquille O’Neal:

“that doesn't make any sense … talk about a giant, old, square peg in a round hole ... failure.”

And this one to another friend on Feb. 11 after learning the details of the Mavs’ trade for Jason Kidd:

“in avery’s system? no way … great, now kidd’s going to ruin this franchise twice …”

Of course, back to reality, I didn’t see this coming. The New Orleans Hornets are making the defending champion San Antonio Spurs look like so many avatars. Fluke? In seven playoff games the Hornets are plus-32 in turnovers.

Is it too late to predict this Chris Paul kid is gonna be a stud? Or too late to un-fire Avery Johnson? -- Richie Whitt

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