Don't Look Away: Fakir Musafar on Spiritual Side of Suspension

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The hooks slip in to your skin, like a fish caught on a line. Each hook aligned with a particular area of your body to keep a secure grasp on you without ripping out flesh. It takes years to get it right. It takes a practiced hand and a knowledgeable eye, but for this community to exist, it takes people interested in tapping into a new level of consciousness. Or so I'm told by visitors to the Suspension Convention.

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Finally! Dallas Adulterers Have A Voice!

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When I received the press release from, I initially assumed this was a website of a local baby photographer who takes those baby photos where they put your newborn inside a sepia-toned watermelon. Sounds like something an Ashley Madison would do. I was wrong.

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Artist Joshua Goode Talks About Latest Discovery: a Unicorn T-Rex

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Joshua Goode
Texas or Germany? 

"Last summer I was on a dig in Germany and I discovered artifacts that point toward the existence of an ancient Texas civilization," artist Joshua Goode says. "It was pretty amazing to find the remains of a Unicorn T-Rex that I determined by the saddle was domesticated and ridden."

We're talking about his newest exhibit, Artifacts form the Burial Site of the Unicorn T-Rex, which opens at RO2 Art's downtown gallery this Saturday night. speaking by phone because Goode is the Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Tarrant County College and he teaches classes on Thursday mornings. Of course, this means I can't see his face as he goes on to explain the pygmies, giants and dinosaurs that he discovered in his dig. A day later, I would tell you that I didn't believe Goode's story for a second, but it took me a minute to work up the nerve to ask, "So you're shitting me, right?"

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Road Trippin': A Bus Tour Company Is Offering a Marijuana Dispensary Tour of Denver

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Courtesy of Medicine Man Denver and barryskeates/Flickr

Washington's and Colorado's decisions to legalize recreational marijuana use have created a new, booming tourist industry for businesses and tax collections. Smokers who can't spark up in their home state without risking incarceration and a permanent black mark on their criminal record are flocking to the states where dispensaries are now legally allowed to sell weed to anyone of the right age with a valid ID.

Travel agencies and touring companies are even organizing special trips to tour the states' pot apothecaries complete with accommodations in a "smoke free" hotel where visitors can smoke their souvenirs in private since they can't bring it back with them. R.L. Moore Bus Tours of Dallas is offering just such a trip to Denver at the end of March. Tickets are $235, and according to the company's website, include hotel fees.

"Tours like that have started to take place and here in Dallas, we're one of the first take those tours to Colorado," owner R.L. Moore said.

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The Weirdest Valentine's Gifts on Dallas Craigslist, #10-1

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Welcome back to our countdown of the weirdest suggestions for Valentine's gifts we could find on Dallas Craigslist, counting down today from ten all the way down to number one. There's some really magical crap today, you guys. Without further ado.

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The Weirdest Valentine's Gifts on Dallas Craigslist, #20-11

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At least it's clean.

If you're buying your Valentine's Day gifts for your loved ones off of Craigslist, then you may not be doing it right. However, if you're selling things on Craigslist, you might be able to see why you would try to tie said crap you are flogging to the upcoming capitalist festival of love and happiness. Today, we count down from number 20 to number 11 on our list of ridiculous things we found on Dallas Craigslist.

A quick perusal of Dallas Craigslist reveals a veritable cornucopia of utter rubbish that you could purchase for the special person in your life, if you so desired. Whether they would talk to you or not afterward is another matter. Click on any image to enlarge it.

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Bring Bob Costas Back RTFNow

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Bob Costas, two nights ago, you won the Olympics. You were sitting there, with your double broken eyes, listening to one of those boring in-between-actual-events stories that Mary Carillo is forced by producers to do so that the world can take a bathroom break.

And when the story was over, that's when you became the most amazing human on TV. You invited a reluctant Mary Carillo to take a shot of vodka with you, even though your bleeding eyes -- only held in your head by your designer glasses -- were saying, "DEAR GOD, DON'T ADD BOOZE TO THIS DYING SYSTEM," and households around the globe cheered.

We wondered if your doctors would have approved of that. Then we double wondered if you even had doctors. It's 2014: How did we get here? You're a fancy pants TV reporter man who must have access to all of the fanciest medical technologies. And yet, for days, you can't get your eyeballs back. Why haven't you raided the medicine cabinet of any mother of any toddler on the globe for their hoarded prescription pink-eye-go-away drops by this point? Is Visine on vacation?

It was a glorious moment of fuck-it-itude in the midst of pain and worldwide embarrassment. And for that, Bob Costas, you win everything. When you said, "POUR ME ANOTHER," you won all the gold.

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Welcome to Night Vale Will Creep You Out Live at the Lakewood Theater in March

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Courtesy of Commonplace Books

The creepy town where dogs and people aren't allowed in the dog park because of mysterious hooded figures and the sun seems to have trouble setting on time is coming to our neck of the woods.

Commonplace Books is doing a live recording tour of their popular radio-style podcast Welcome to Night Vale. Host Cecil Baldwin will record an episode of the podcast at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 14, at the Lakewood Theater, where every seat in the house has already been sold.

That shouldn't surprise any of Night Vale's dedicated listeners. It's an insanely creative take on anthology-style sci-fi and horror that presents the exploits of a weird, little American town through the blank stare of a local radio broadcast that keeps the populace on top of all the goings-on in their community. The creepy part comes from how straight the show's host and random guests relay the bizarre happenings and announcements as if they are common occurrences, like the local Navajo painting exhibition at the school's art museum or the free swine flu inoculations at the local clinic. It isn't just a great form of storytelling. It's also a great sleep deterrent.

Julian Assange at SXSW -- Here Are Some Conspiracy Theories

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Courtesy of SXSW
America's second favorite committer of treason, Julian Assange, is to speak and be interviewed at SXSW on March 8, the Austin mega-fest has announced. Obviously he won't actually be there, as he has been a geographical prisoner since 2012, trapped inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London by a now presumably very bored police force.

SXSW had this to say:-

The anti-censorship activist will engage in this extremely rare public interview to discuss the pervasive spread of surveillance, advantages and abuses of the digital age, and the future of democracy.

Now, I have several theories relating as to why this is happening. Conspiracy theories, if you will.

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5 Unique Gift Ideas from Local Businesses for Your Last-Minute Christmas Gift List

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Photo courtesy of Jennifer C./Flickr

Right now, the world's procrastinators and the just plain lazy are sitting in their homes in fear of the world they'll have to face if they don't want to look like the chintziest cheapskate at their family Christmas get-together. They've put off going to the malls or the stores for so long that they've built bigger and bigger armies of their procrastinating brethren who'll crawl over each other like ants descending on a crumb of chocolate for the last toaster oven. They are cursing themselves for not using the self-defense class certificate they got last year from an obscure relative. They can't stand the thought of possibly committing, being the victim of or being charged with assault just so they can buy a gift for the brother-in-law they won't see until Easter or his next court date, whichever comes first.

If you're a member of this group, there's no need to start dipping into the adult egg nog early. There are actually some weird and interesting gift ideas that are original and don't involve fighting your way through a crowded mall. Best of all, they are from local businesses, so for once your laziness can benefit a local business instead of helping one of the Walmart heirs buy another gold spit bucket.

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