Take a Deep Dive into Performance Art with (Wo)manorial's New Exhibition Inside)(Outside

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Inside)(Outside opens online Sunday at midnight.

Technically, a museum is a building. Attendants patrol the halls to protect the art, the white walls offer a distraction-free setting to look at paintings, which curators position and explain on placards, giving visitors an organized, insightful experience of an exhibition. But art -and the experience of it - has never been limited to a trip to the museum and in the information age, the Internet expands artistic output like never before.

One such output, with strong Dallas ties is that of (wo)manorial, an art collective that functions as an online exhibition hall for artists considered with issues of gender, the female experience and the subject of femininity. Exhibiting online renders three-dimensional objects into 2-d visualizations; although you aren't allowed to touch the art in museums, it's there just inches from your fingertips.

A new online exhibition, Inside)(Outside, exploring international variations of performance art concerned with topics of gender opens on the Web site, Sunday at midnight. Curated by local artists, Courtney Brown and Allison Starr, known collectively as Performance SW, the work exhibited is meant to challenge the ephemeral nature of performance art, as well as the performative nature of gender roles. And come August 16, participating artists will visit Oak Cliff in the flesh for what Brown calls a "Deep dive into performance art."

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Alika Herreshoff on his Addiction to Painting: the Discipline That's "Died so many Deaths"

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Alika Herreshoff

Alika Herreshoff is addicted to painting. It's the art form he can't let go of and he's not planning to try anytime soon.

In the early 2000's, Herreshoff was a member of Dearraindrop, an art collective that was based at that time in Virginia Beach. He worked alongside the other members to create works with different forms of media, using an aesthetic he describes as "a tidal wave of psychedelic and cartoon imagery."

Today, Herreshoff works alone. After traveling extensively and exhibiting throughout the world, his studio landed in Houston and he's earning a reputation as one of the notable painters in the state. Earlier this year, he was one of five Houston artists in a show at Ware:Wolf:Haus that was one of the better painting shows we've had this year, and certainly the most contemporary, which is where he connected with RE Gallery, which hosts his first Dallas solo exhibition this weekend.

His work in The Imp of the Perverse draws inspiration from literature to painting, to comics and psychology, referencing both Edgar Allan Poe and Rene Magritte. His use of vivid colors and fluid figures is tantalizing, which is why we wanted to peek into the studio. In anticipation of the opening at 7 p.m. Saturday, July 26, we chatted with Herreshoff about where he's from, how he uses inspiration, and what keeps him painting.

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Sun to Moon Gallery Focuses on Dallas for New Photography Exhibition

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Scot Miller
"Trinity awakening, Crow Lake"

Some Dallas residents don't even know it exists. The Great Trinity Forest, a lush 6,000+ acre woodland, is a hideout worthy of Robin Hood's Merry Men that sits just beyond East Dallas. And it's one of the subjects of the photography exhibition that opens at Sun to Moon Gallery this week.

Exploring both the landscapes of the city and the broad spectrum of art photography - from digital images to hand-crafted bromoil prints - The Changing Nature of Dallas focuses on the Great Trinity Forest, the Trinity River & the evolving urban landscape of Dallas. And according to Scot Miller, one of the four photographers featured, it's Dallas like you've never seen it before.

"In some of the photos, you'll see endless wildflowers and then downtown Dallas buildings poking up in the distance," Miller says. "These are not secret places we're photographing, although you have to be a little adventurous to get to some of them."

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Through the Looking Glass: Jeremy Couillard's Viscous Valley Modernizes the Design District

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Thumbnail image for Couillard.jpg
Jeremy Couillard
Gradient & Home, 2013

The contemporary art world has arrived in Dallas and it's landed at Zhulong Gallery. Jeremy Couillard is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work in different media for Viscous Valley transforms this Dragon Street space into a futuristic landscape that is like stepping into an abstracted video game.Toss what you thought you understood about painting while downing a beer at Samuel Lynne Gallery into the ether, because this is cyber art and it's about the coolest damn thing you're likely to see in West Dallas. The painting is in the graphics, no longer limiting art to the canvas, as the monitors stretch deep into a reality of Couillard's design.

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Make the Most of this Saturday's Design District Gallery Day

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Red Arrow Contemporary
Industry Print Shop will be printing posters live at Red Arrow Contemporary from 3-8 p.m.

What's not to love about tens of galleries throwing open their doors, cranking up the A/C, serving cold beer, and inviting you to look at the art on the walls? Design District Gallery Day is a party without a guest list and you're sure to meet interesting people, discover art you knew nothing about and leave with a new fondness for the West Dallas neighborhood. But the list of galleries might be longer than you know how to handle, or maybe you don't know where to start, which is why we're back with an expansion of the paragraph. Here, we've compiled a list of must-sees, can't misses, and where you'll find refreshing treats.

Time: Arrive at any point between 12-8 p.m. We suggest you arrive closer to 6 p.m. because you'll be walking and it's supposed to hit triple digits this weekend before it cools down.

Pro tip 1: There is beer from Ben E. Keith in each of the galleries. Grab one as you peruse and don't be afraid to walk to the next gallery with it.

Pro tip 2: Look for the brown goody bags. Each participating gallery will have 25 bags, which contain free t-shirts to commemorate the day.

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Urban Nature Moves Graffiti Indoors at Kirk Hopper Fine Art

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Who are Soner and Patricia Rodriguez? What does their work entail? Is it just graffiti or is it something more? With Urban Nature, Kirk Hopper Fine Art is opening up its walls for these two artists to redefine and contextualize how we view graffiti, a form of expression and language that generally happens outside in the urban sprawl of the city. We never really pay attention to what happens when nature takes over, or why the work is being created in the first place. With this show - which opens Saturday, July 12 - the pair is putting those effects front and center within the pristine white walls of the gallery.

Why? Because, for these artists, it's their nature: they are both dedicated to not only making art, but also exposing the seams of the environment that surrounds and inspires them through their individual approaches.

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Painter Dan Colcer On Finding a Home in the United States, a Neighborhood in Deep Ellum

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Steve Reeves/MakeShift Photography
Dan Col

Dan Colcer doesn't just paint the canvas.

The 38-year-old surrealist tattoos it like a skin artist from Elm Street Tattoo. Each image seems to grow out of the paint, an extension of another image that only appears the longer you meditate on the painting.

He doesn't plan the images. He just sees them. A barren tree in the middle of the desert, an old fisherman casting a line or a climber striving to reach an unreachable peak appear and disappear in his paintings like recurring Jungian archetypes.

But it's this "Where's Waldo" experience that makes his art so accessible and in such high demand. It's showcased in places like the Deep Ellum community garden, where a mural greets gardeners, the columns supporting Central Expressway and the Omni Hotel, where 200 paintings of the city's skyline and historical monuments hang in various rooms.

"He's got a whimsical abstract way of thoughtfully playing with the subject in this surreal landscape that just speaks to people," says Sean Fitzgerald, president of the Deep Ellum Community Association. "And yet with good art, it doesn't just smack you across the face like a postcard."

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Ivan Navarro Doesn't Want to Talk about His Art in NorthPark, He Wants You to Talk About it

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Kevin Todora

By the time Iván Navarro's "This Land is Your Land" was installed in NorthPark Mall, he'd already discussed the piece's themes of immigration and industrialism. The piece, originally commissioned for placement in Madison Square Park, is a series of three small water towers, which viewers stand underneath to see neon lights that mirrors reflect into infinity. The neon spells out "BED," "ME/WE" and the third is a never-ending ladder. But when we chat by phone last week, Navarro doesn't want to talk about them anymore.

"I've told reporters all I have to say about that already, it grows tiresome to repeat myself. Did you see the pieces? What did you think of them?" he asks.

What did I think of them, I wondered. For most artists, interviews are an opportunity to put words into the mouth of a journalist, every quotation in the article promulgating an intention or specific idea. But I should've already read the previous coverage, he notes, now what do I think of his art in Dallas?

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Three Exhibitions at Dallas Museum of Art Offer Glimpse Behind the Curtain

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Larry Poons' Untitled #22, part of The Museum is History

To step into the Dallas Museum of Art this summer is take a peek into the mechanics of a large-scale museum operation. Curators at the DMA are airing out vaults, scouring private collections and presenting new acquisitions, allowing visitors to take pride in the masterpieces in Dallas, but also to glimpse how a museum works.

The latest in this behind-the-curtain exhibition series is Mind's Eye:Masterworks on Paper from David to Cézanne, which explores the sketches and watercolors by some of history's most well-known artists, including Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Edouard Manet, many of which have been museum holdings for more than 20 years without hanging on the DMA's walls. The special exhibition opens June 29 and runs through October 26.

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Dallas Sees Printmaking Resurgence this Weekend at Two Gallery Exhibitions

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Red Arrow Contemporary
"Less Sleep More Hustle"

In the fine arts world, printmaking often gets a bad rap. Whether it's a design mass-produced on T-shirts or Andy Warhol's poppy screenprinted Marilyn Monroe heads, critiques range from "simple" to "unoriginal." Yet much of the art form of printmaking -- both the process and the history -- has fallen into obscurity. This weekend, the process is explored in art shows at both Red Arrow Contemporary and The Basement Gallery.

Today, printmaking has become synonymous with the screen printing technique. Negative images are created using light-sensitive emulsions on a tightly woven screen allowing for positive images to be printed on just about any flat surface. But other printmaking processes -- the older, more complex ones, such as wood carving and etching -- are ignored.

"I think that a lot of areas are overlooked while other areas are flourishing," says Elissa Stafford, co-director of Red Arrow Contemporary, which hosts Stay Up All Nite Saturday at 6 p.m., an exhibition of the screen printed works of the Austin art outfit Industry Wrecking Crew.

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