It's the Supermoon. Stay Calm, Everyone.

Daniel Driensky
Like a big pizza pie ...
Dallas photographer Daniel Driensky caught this image of the "supermoon" rising above Reunion Tower over the weekend. A supermoon, also called a perigee moon, occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit.

NASA says the moon may appear somewhat larger and brighter than average when that happens, though it's hard to notice with the naked eye, and supermoons are regular occurrences.

The chief effects of supermoons are A) the media occasionally publish a lot a really nice pictures of the moon, and B) hordes Internet commenters get all frothy pointing out that the moon always looks bigger near the horizon and gawd-the-media-are-stupid-it's-just-the-moon-why-don't-you-report-something-important.

Because we thought the picture looked really cool, that's why.

For more images of the moon and other things, you can check out Drienksy's Instagram page at @dd_danieldriensky or his website.

The next supermoon is August 10.

Pro Nail Princesa Keeps Dallas' Nail Game Tight

Nail art by Pro Nail Princesa, Photograph by Catherine Downes
This is the beginning of our new series on Dallas nail artists, and we're starting if off with a woman who will be difficult to top, Vanessa Quilantan. She's known internationally as Pro Nail Princesa and will be featured in the upcoming documentary, Nailgasm.

Photo by Catherine Downes
She'll have her own studio someday, there's no doubt. It's rare to meet a woman as driven, talented and masterful at self-promotion as Pro Nail Princessa, but for now Vanessa's salon is wherever it needs to be.

Local arts developers, Green Bandana, had Quilantan set up shop at one of their Summertime parties, and Parade of Flesh now invites her out to dip tips at rap shows. Today, she's working out of her bedroom, a feminine hideaway bursting with animal prints. She's consulting two women on their nail game while a couple of men flutter around her. The boys happily deliver mimosas to the guests and adjust the playlist and volume as V sees fit. There's a magnatism to her, and its powerful enough to keep life and movement active within this hive.

Quilantan wasn't always acrylic royalty. She got into nails until after high school when she and her best girlfriends got an apartment. "It started becoming this fun thing for us to do together," she says. "We'd meet up in the living room after work, do our nails and talk about our days." But it was that initial application of Pro Nails that gave her a personal union with the artform.

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Larry McMurtry Auctioned Off His Books in Archer City Over the Weekend (Photos)

Photos by Catherine Downes
Archer City, a small town 140 miles northwest of Dallas, was buzzing with media and bidders over the weekend as Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry auctioned off books from his antique bookstore, Booked Up.

Here's what it looked like:

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Art & Craft On The Go With Dowdy Studio

All Photos by Sara Kerens

Hopefully everyone is rested and sober by now after all the Dallas Observer Music Awards partying that took place in the last week (and for some, the week before, too). If not, we promise to speak softly. Although, if you hear a rumbling rolling down the street, it just might be the Dowdy Wagon headed to one of your favorite local haunts.

Make way for Dowdy Studio in our latest installment of Profiles In Pictures. As usual, photographer Sara Kerens gives us an intimate look at another local creative outfit and we ask them our set of standard Qs. Take a look inside and outside the wagon and read what these mobile locals and Etsy Dallas members have to say after the jump.

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Puppetry And Make-Believe With Kathy Burks

All Photos by Sara Kerens
Ahoy! Now that this year's big Best Of Dallas issue is behind us, we're back with another installment of Profiles In Pictures. This time photographer Sara Kerens pulls back the tiny curtain and shows us where the make-believe comes to life with puppetry artist Kathy Burks. Take another look into the world of another Dallas creative through our lens and hear what they have to say in our Q&A after the jump!

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A Little Look At Little Bean's Christine Visneau

All Photos By Sara Kerens
It's been a little while, but we're back with another installment of Profiles In Pictures. Photographer Sara Kerens (who's been busy these last few weeks in NYC) brings us another peek into the world of a local Dallas creative. This time around, we are given a little look at clothing designer Christine Visneau and her children's boutique Little Bean, located in the Junius Heights historical district. Take a little look behind the scenes and between the seams after the jump.
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Words And Woodcraft With Tony Barsotti

All Photos by Sara Kerens
Welcome back to another installment of our ongoing series Profiles In Pictures, where photographer Sara Kerens gives us another look inside the world of a local Dallas creative individual.

This time around, we're invited into the home and workshop of one Tony Barsotti. You may know the name from his past life fame as the drummer of seminal Dallas pop-punk outfit Hagfish. These days, Barsotti is wielding wood in different creative ways. In fact, you've already seen some of his work on the cover of our Best Of Dallas® 2009 glossy edition. Take a look at what he's rockin' lately and hear what he has to say about it.

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Comic Book Artist Kristian Donaldson On His Craft, Bicycles And Estate Shopping

All Photos By Sara Kerens

Welcome to the latest edition of our ongoing photo feature, Profiles In Pictures. Every couple of weeks, esteemed photographer Sara Kerens gives us another view of a local creative, and we ask them a set of standard questions to give us some further insight into their world in their own words.

This week, we were invited into the home of local comic book artist and illustrator Kristian Donaldson, known for a litany of work ranging from graphic novels with the Vertigo imprint to illustrations for Phillipe Starck (and, the Dallas Observer, of course). Check out the photos and Q&A after the jump.

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Bookmaking in Deep Ellum With the Bradford Sisters

All photos by Sara Kerens

Here we are at the third edition of our photo feature, Profiles In Pictures, where every couple of weeks or so, photographer Sara Kerens brings us an intimate perspective on a different Dallas creative. Along with the parade of images of locals who create with their hands, minds or both, we ask the subject a set of Qs to give us a little more insight on their worlds.

This week, we take a look at a dynamic duo for our profile. The Bradford Sisters work out of the heart of Deep Ellum, doing all sorts of things from analog bookmaking to digital web development. Take a look after the jump for the images and their answers to our questions.

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Profiles In Pictures: Shannah Frank

All photos by Sara Kerens

Welcome to the second installment of Profiles In Pictures, a photo series brought to you by The Mixmaster. Every couple of weeks we'll profile a Dallas natives who, in some form or another, create. Shot by photographer Sara Kerens, (check out the premier PIP post here) and accompanied by a Q&A with the subject, PIP offers an intimate look at local creatives, as well as peek into their worlds.

This week, we are happy to peer into the the jewelry-making monde of Shannah Frank, the metal smith behind f. is for frank. Take a look at the pictures and read Shannah's frank words for yourself after the jump.

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