Jillian Michaels Doesn't Think Dallas Should Drink Margaritas

Jillian Michaels

Her on-air personality is typically a hardcore mean trainer, who motivates The Biggest Loser contestants by most of the time yelling in their face.

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Flappy Bird: In Memoriam


We hardly knew you, Flappy Bird. It's been just over a week since you first began to pump your little wings on my iPhone, and just like that your creator has returned you to a cage, calling you "addictive" and "a problem." I know why the caged bird sings, Maya Angelou. It's because it wants to be released back into the open air of the App Store.

You had your ups and downs, Flappy Bird. Well, my phone had ups and downs when I threw it into the air after losing 83 times in a row. Our relationship might've been short-lived, but the passionate anger I felt for you was so real. At the encouragement of my anger management counselor, also known as my roommate, I've written you a eulogy.

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Oh Myyy! George Takei On Swordfighting, Comic Books and Technology.

Categories: Pop Culture, Q&A

George Takei just wrapped up a very busy year. He released a cologne called Eau My just in time for the holiday shopping season, then in April he released a book recounting his meteoric rise to popularity on the Web titled, Oh Myyy! There Goes The Internet, he launched a new AARP-produced webseries "Takei's Take," and, in December, he released another book, Lions and Tigers and Bears (The Internet Strikes Back). And now, the 76-year-old actor turned LGBTQ rights activist -- famous for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu on the 1960s television series that spawned the enduring Sci-Fi franchise -- is in the area for two appearances this weekend.

Fans will have a chance to meet Takei in Plano tonight (Friday) during an autograph session at Madness Comics & Games from 6 to 8 p.m., and then on Saturday Takei will narrate a "Sci-Fi Spectacular" at the Bass Performance Hall, as Jack Everly conducts The Fort Worth Symphony in selections from the soundtracks of sci-fi classics from Star Trek and Star Wars to The Day the Earth Stood Still, Close Encounters and more. But before his fans line up for those events, we wanted to know what someone enmeshed in a world of cult fandom is actually a fan of themselves. So, we chatted about his five-million-strong Facebook following, which caused Mashable.com to name Takei the No. 1 most influential person on Facebook. We also talked about which comic books and pop culture elements he enjoys and our favorite Sulu moments.

My call interrupted the perpetually busy star, as he was working on the introduction for a Usagi Yojimbo collection -- a comic book and graphic novel series by Stan Sakai that has won dozens of awards, including a few Eisner Awards. Takei's writing an introduction to the book.

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Our Five Favorite Missed Connections from the "Icepocalypse"

Winter Storm Cleon, aka the "Icepocalypse," was a cruel master, leaving some without power and others trapped on icy roads. But then there were those who saw the lining of those dark, menacing clouds as an excuse to spark a little romance.

Match.com reported a 22 percent increase in new members during the storm as Dallas singles desperately attempted to not die alone. Friends reported calls from frantic exes seeking a familiar face and/or neck. And on Craigslist, those Missed Connections got cozier than a terrier in a turtleneck. Here are our five favorites.

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OMG! Teddy Bear the Talking Porcupine Visited the Observer and It Was Magical. (Video)

Categories: Pop Culture

Earlier this month, Unfair Park's Eric Nicholson broke news that internet celebrity, Teddy Bear the talking porcupine is a Dallasite.

We're only human, so after learning distance wasn't a barrier we sent Ted a formal invitation to visit our home office. We etched the address into a sweet potato, couriered the thing over to his Zooniversity bachelor pad and waited.


We learned a lot about Teddy Bear, porcupines and friendship that day. We also discovered that Ted's natural musky odor and prickly undercoat proved a fitting match for an office of jaded, over-caffeinated, under-bathed writers, so we had him sign a freelance contract. He's our new outdoors correspondent and Dallas Observer spirit animal.

Video intern Sarah Passon captured the experience in video. Let us all take a moment and give thanks for large talking rodents.

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Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man and His Beard Will Be In Allen on Sunday

Categories: Pop Culture

One of the biggest mush mouths of reality television, Duck Dynasty's Tim "Mountain Man" Guraedy, is an air conditioning repairman who talks like an extra in every John Grisham book-turned-movie ever made. If you're a fan of the show and Mountain Man, one of your dreams could come true this weekend (within reason, of course) at the Allen Events Center.

The Allen Americans' Sunday game will feature a special visit by Mountain Man at 4:05 p.m. Fans can meet and greet the Duck Dynasty star before the Americans face off against the Tulsa Oilers. Get tickets here, or at the box office, assuming you speak a quasi-intelligible southern dialect.

Come On Down! Jerry Springer Will Host Price is Right Live! in Dallas.

Last April Price is Right Live! announced the game show would visit the Majestic. We called in sick to our jobs, using the time to intensively study price points of common consumer goods -- blenders, dreaded dinette sets, sexytime hot tubs and jet skis -- so that victory would be a lock if Not Bob Barker called our names.

Then, they canceled the thing.

In hindsight the crushing depression that followed was for the best, because the show's got a new tour manager who assures us that this time it's completely, totally, really coming. AND it's being hosted by Jerry Springer.

Yeah. Jerry "stand back and let 'em bludgeon each other with stage props" Springer might ask you for anecdotal facts.

Jerry "56th Mayor of Cincinnati" Springer could say "are you familiar with PLINKO?" -- like anyone isn't familiar with PLINKO.

Jerry "final thought" Springer will be the freakin' sheriff of the Showcase Showdown.

Next Saturday, November 2, Price is Right Live! will be at the Eisemann Center's Hill Performance Hall. Here's the ticket link. If you just want a shot at being a contestant you'll need to register for a chance at an area near the venue box office 3 hours prior to show time.

Here's what Price's people have to say:

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Our Ten Favorite Costumes from Comic-Con Fan Days! (Photos)

All photos by Ed Steele
Remember back when they called our generation lazy and unimaginative? Well, whatever awesome parent dressed their daughter as David Bowie from Labyrinth for Comic-Con Fan Days just proved all of them haters wrong!

Over the weekend thousands piled into the Irving Convention Center for a little facetime with sci-fi, magical world celebrity super heroes. And man, those visiting guest must have felt underdressed because our fanboys and fangirls flipped the costuming to warp speed.

We sent photographer Ed Steele to find the very best outfits and boy did he deliver. Picking our ten favorites was no easy task, so see the entire photo roll on our Observer Slideshow.

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The 13 Greatest WTF Moments in Professional Wrestling History

Who cares what The Rock is cooking? Hogan made pasta!
It's been 12 years since a fire took the home of North Texas professional wrestling, the famed Dallas Sportatorium, thus extinguishing the notion of North Texas as a hotbed for dudes in underwear fake-punching each other.

Before Sportatorium's demise, professional wrestling was already limping along, thanks to the Dallas-based World Class Championship Wrestling's folding more than a decade earlier. Since then, "wrasslin'" has again found its legs. The once-named WWF went national; made a ton of money; changed its title to WWE; gave us a top-grossing action movie star; and generally pissed off right-wing television pundits with its over-the-top story lines.

Saturday, WWE Live takes over the AAC so we've gone down the rabbit hole and put together a list of the most WTF moments in wrestling history. Get ready folks, it's about to get real Dadaist up in this blog.

Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall
Cocaine is a hell of a drug (or maybe it's the coffee?). At least Arsenio survived -- when Andy Kaufman and Richard Belzar appeared on talk shows with wrestlers, they both got "injured." And it's not like they did what Aresino did and shaded the wrestler's drug use during the whole interview. This isn't even the weirdest thing the Ultimate Warrior has done; back in 2003, he spoke to College Republicans about campaign fundraising. C-Span was there, and the video is amazing. He also did a bunch of bizarre commercials for Westway Ford back when he was wrestling in Dallas in the '80s. More »

Dwight Schrute Will Abandon his Beet Farm and Speak at UNT

Rainn Wilson's more than just a great Twitter voice, and his vision extends further than the Schrute family beet farm. Wilson lives a life of civic service through volunteership, social activism and by using his celebrity platform to share good, big ideas via his website and book, SoulPancake.

Yep, he's a busy guy. That won't keep him from visiting UNT on September 19 as part of the university's Distinguished Speaker Series. He'll discuss SoulPancake and his theories on living an enriched, aware existence. He begins the chat at 7 p.m. and closes it up with a book signing at 8 p.m. General admission tickets are available for non-students and range from $25 to $30.

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