Dallas Through the Lens of Two Photographers at Kettle Art Gallery

Justin Terveen
Kettle Art Gallery features Terveen as part of photography month.
Dallas can be a difficult city to be proud of. I'm sure that statement brings with it numerous detractors who will verbally punt me back to wherever I'm from. I grew up here, just to be clear, and even moved back after very quickly falling out of love with New York. But when people ask what there is to like about Dallas, it's a difficult question to answer. "Big city opportunity, small town feel" has become my go-to answer. Look, I'm not an impassioned advocate for much of anything. I'm a doubter, a questioner, an all-things-are-gray kind of person. But anytime I'm returning to Dallas after a trip, I anticipate seeing the Dallas skyline in the distance. It gives me the same feeling that the smell of my parent's home does, or my grandma's perfume, or the embrace of a friend.

That small swell of pride, love, or whatever it is that seems to say "home," is the same feeling I get when looking at Justin Terveen's photos at Kettle Art Gallery.

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And Now, Some Adorable Pups from Sunday's Pooch Parade

Catherine Downes
Each year, pups gather at Lee Park for the annual Pooch Parade (part of the Easter in the Park extravaganza). Here are a handful of dogs from the event, that we find especially adorable. You can check out the entire slideshow here.

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Our Five Favorite Rangers Superfans from Rangers Fan Fest

Photo by Rachel Parker

Rangers fans piled into the ballpark Saturday to get a little facetime with their favorite players. Autograph sessions, Q&As, tours of the dugout and a chance to run the bases rounded out the afternoon's events. We sent photographer Rachel Parker to weave through the masses and find our favorites.

While the cosplay hybrids steal the show, I've got to ask: Is anything more adorable than seeing a young kid, dudded up in gear, reaching for a pop fly?

No. No there is not. Because that is absolutely precious.

I salute you, little dude.

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Ten Simply Gorgeous Photos From Artopia

Categories: Photography

Photo by Catherine Downes

On Saturday night about 1620 of us got together at Artopia.

We drank things. We shook things. We absorbed Dallas' creativity. Picking a favorite part of the night is impossible: Downstairs Magician Confetti Eddie and sidekick the Lovely Karleena were show-stoppers, and the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group captivated us with their "Dirty Filthy Diamonds."

Upstairs Juilliard-trained violinist Richmond Punch emoted beautifully while fashion models stalked the runway. There was Air Graffiti, an award ceremony for this year's Mastermind winners, giant Lite-Brites, silk screening, artful projections and live painting by local talents.

No wonder Artopia sold-out: It was one helluva party.

Here's some highlight shots from our own on-staff artist, photographer Catherine Downes.

See also: The People of Artopia (Slideshow)

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10 Stripped-Down Photos From Dallas' No Pants Subway Ride

All photos by Ed Steele

Since the annual No Pants Subway Takeover arrived in Dallas, taking public transportation has become much more interesting. Sunday brought an afternoon of skivvy-clad commuters, hopping aboard DART to surprise and alter the days of unsuspecting fellow riders.

We sent photographer Ed Steele to follow these brave, stripped-down souls through their pantless mission. He came back with a whole slideshow's worth of mass transit evidence, from which we picked our ten favorites.

See Also: Dallas' No Pants Subway Ride 2014 (Slideshow)

See also: Critical Ass: The Ten Best Photos from Sunday's No Pants Subway Ride 2013

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The Dallas Observer Wants a Photography Intern

Categories: Photography

Justin Terveen

Calling all photography students! The lovely and friendly people at the Dallas Observer are recruiting a photo intern for the upcoming semester.

Our interns work directly with the art director and the web editor to supply quality photography for blogs and slideshows, covering events including burlesque shows, art openings, local concerts, festivals, anything at all really. Interns who pass muster are provided the opportunity to assist with feature/cover photo shoots, working closely with the art director to get feedback on their work. Interns are also encouraged to present ideas that could be used for slideshows and photo presentations on the website. In the past, stellar interns have photographed dishes for our weekly review, as well as covers (and even won awards for it!).

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Eight Great Photos from Sunday's F.O.E. Polar Plunge

Categories: Photography

All photos by Danny Hurley
In much colder parts of the country cold water dips are stern dares, scheduled on New Year's Day. Designed to baptize the NYE debauchery out of you, the shiver swims prove that you're still alive, despite all of this calendar flipping business.

In Dallas, the timetable is less pressing. (We like sleeping in and brunch.) And so the Hypnotic Donuts Second Annual Polar Plunge happened on Sunday, January 5, at 4 p.m. in the F.O.E.'s unheated, outdoor pool. The swim was a funds generator for the North Texas Food Bank, and we're told $747.00 was raised. We salute you, brave, crazy fools.

Here are some photos of the questionable decision making in action, from completely dry, sensible and clothed photographer, Danny Hurley.

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The Top 10 Mixmaster Photos from 2013

Categories: Lists, Photography

Danny Hurley
2013 was an event-filled year for Dallasites with festivals, art shows, charity events and conventions galore. Here is a look at some of our favorite photos from the year. You can check out the entire year through thousands of photos in our slideshow section.

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Charming Portraits of People With Their Bicycles at the Dallas Tweed Ride

All photos by Danny Hurley

Tweed is an oddly versatile textile. Tug the stuff on and assume all kinds of mothballed personalities, from tuppence-snatching chimney sweeps to classy bootleggers and warbly penny farthing operators. It all works, and it's all fun.

Each year those scamp cyclists at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff celebrate the throw-back fiber with a themed ride. The 2013 event launched Saturday afternoon from the Grassy Knoll and closed in pinkies-up drinking. It was a chilly day, but tweed is like, super warm, so we can happily report that all survived.

We sent photographer Danny Hurley to capture their adventure in photos. Here's our ten favorites.

All photos by Danny Hurley

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The Ten Best Photos From Santa Rampage 2013

Categories: Photography

Photo by Kerry Langford

Roughly 100 holiday party specialists tackled Dallas on Saturday night to spread cheer, do shots and get a little freaky with the mistletoe. Mohawked rude boy Santa, bearded banana Santa and church mice of questionable virtue were all present for the annual bar crawl, and so was photographer Kerry Langford who captured the magic in film. Here's our ten favorite shots, to see the rest visit our slide show.

Photo by Kerry Langford

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