The Ten Best Costumes from Dallas Comic-Con

All Photos by Ed Steele

Dallas Comic-Con is a magical place where Wookiees high-five Cylons while William Shatner lurks behind potted plants. It is a true nerd oasis, and that's precisely why we love it. Photographer Ed Steele set up camp at the Irving Convention Center to capture the most innovative, weird and flat-out cool costumes of the weekend. We sifted through the geekly treasures and selected our ten favorites.

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Our Ten Favorite Costumes from All-Con 2013

All con 1.jpeg
Photo by Bianca Montes
Over here at the Observer, we love a good convention. Last weekend's All-Con was a thing of exceptional beauty -- After all, when else can you walk through an Addison hotel and see men and women, bounty hunters and storm troopers, dressed down to suits and helmets partying in a hot tub?

Only at All-Con, man.

From steampunk angels to voice-modified Imperial Troops, we were humbled by your costuming skills. So, we've put together a few favorite photos to share. Here's the top ten, and pop back by for more dispatches from Geekfest 2013.

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Our Favorite Polaroids from Sunday's PolaWalk Through Klyde Warren Park

Troy Bradford
Led by the Instant Film Society, nearly 100 photographers, ranging from from beginners to professionals, meandered around Klyde Warren Park -- which we love, this ditty aside -- in search for the perfect analog shot on Sunday. Here are some of our favorite pics from the event.

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The Best Photos from This Weekend's PolaWalk in Deep Ellum

Justin Goode
Shot a few weeks prior to the PolaWalk to promote the event.
Over the weekend, the local Instant Film Society hosted one of its regular PolaWalk events, wherein photographers wandered the streets in search of scenes worth of their sepia-toned attention. Read about the PolaWalks here, and see some of the best photos from this weekend's event below.

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Share Your Love of Adorable Animals and Polaroids at Saturday's PolaWalk

Synthia Goode; Polaroid Spectra SE; Impossible Project PZ680 Old Gen
It was a very wet PolaWalk at the State Fair of Texas
The Instant Film Society is at it again this weekend, converging at the oldest zoo in Texas with analog cameras and film in hand for another rain-or-shine "#Polawalk." After shooting the State Fair of Texas on opening weekend (in spite of the wind and pouring rain) the rag-tag band of photographers are meeting up at the Fort Worth Zoo, to wander around, shoot the sights, animals, and yeah, probably each other on instant film.

According to the group's website, the Instant Film Society formed earlier this year "to increase awareness, accessibility & understanding of analog instant photography." Polaroid collectors, and those looking to get involved with the PolaWalk, can scoop up cameras at thrift stores, garage sales and eBay. Also, they can buy film from Urban Outfitters, or straight from The Impossible Project, the only company still producing integral film for vintage cameras.

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Holy Batmobile! Photos of Batman's Plush Whip in Dallas

Photo by Rachel Parker
Who says they can't get along?

If you rush, you might still make it. Walmart at Skillman Street and 75 presents The Tumbler -- the armor-coated scaly ride from Batman Begins, and the Bat-Pod, the crazy motorcycle from this summer's to-be blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, until 6 p.m. today (Monday, June 25). We've got photographic evidence that this situation is rad. Let's take a look.

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Instagram? Over It. Learn Real Photo Editing from a Professional

Categories: Events, Photo Geek

baby bow.jpg
She's going to come up with a lot of fun ways to get back at you for this, mom.
Hey hipster. Stop shooting shit with your iPhone and pretending you're artistic. We're over it -- you and your incessant snapshots of your carefully laid out "best moment ever" scenario, replete with a "Toaster" or "Kelvin" filter.

You too, Crafty Moms. Your baby isn't any cuter in black and white -- not even with that hot pink color pop on the ridonculous bow on its headband, dwarfing its pudgy body like some rhinestone-encrusted mitre.

You're going to start a pretend photography business with its own Facebook page and everything, aren't you? God help us.

Still think you got the chops? Here's a good way to find out, after the jump.

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Instagram: Joining In On the Great Photo Follow, Locally and Internationally

This summer I chose Instagram as my main source of social media. I ignored, for the most part, Facebook, Twitter, my blog and others like this one.

I call Instagram the photo version of Twitter. They call it "a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures."

The idea: Shoot your photo, upload to Instagram, choose a funky filter, title it, select share channels and hit done. Double tap if you like someone else's image. Depending on who you choose to follow, inspiring images from friends and strangers roll in like a news wire.

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Postcards From the Road

Categories: Photo Geek

homage to Christenberry. Tennessee. July 2011 ©Allison V. Smith.jpg
homage to Christenberry. Tennessee. July 2011 © Allison V. Smith
I'm on the road again.
I'll be taking a few weeks off from the blogging world to take it all in and catch up on some personal projects.

Follow the jump to see more postcards from the road.

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Local Photographer Serves as Beta Test Muse for New Instant Film

This isn't the PX 680 Beta, but it is one of Bartholow's favorite IP films.
Local marketing and design consult, Gorilla vs. Bear creative director and, in my opinion, Polaroid Pro David Bartholow was asked by the Impossible Project to field test their new color film for the 600 Polaroid Cameras.

In case you weren't aware, Polaroid stopped producing their analog instant film in February 2008. Not long after, 10 former Polaroid employees teamed together to make instant film available again; they call themselves the Impossible Project.

So, the Impossible Project sent Bartholow a few packs of their PX 680 First Flush Beta out of the blue and invited him to be part of a test. A Beta Test.

Bartholow says: " I felt a bit of a responsibility to sport some of the city's textures for the unacquainted and took these one Saturday."

I love them!

I asked Bartholow for his thoughts on the film:

"You have to look at it this way. When Polaroid shut its doors on instant film, the Impossible Project took it upon themselves to reinvent a 60 year-old technology that had been perfected by a single company, which at that point was a shell of its former self. In the process of doing what they've managed to do, which is the staggering achievement of saving this medium, they've learned a lot about what it takes to create working film. With so many variables beyond light, temperature, and chemical composition to consider, the results will only ever be imperfect. But that's what I love most about it, really. The elements remain in control as their science does its magic."

Check out some of his test shots after the jump.

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